About Us

There are tables and chairs which are the most frequently used furniture in our everyday life in almost every living space. We have established our company 14 years ago to bring our vision to which has a very wide use area. We aim to create our brand by adding comfort, durability and aesthetics to these furnitures that we use every day.

We started modeling first. Later we gained experience by improving our technique, our technology, our art and our knowledge. We tried to create chairs and tables that were different, fashionable and suitable for the space s with the design.

Over time, the VRL brand has matured and grown, and today it has reached over 45O customers in search of solid and qualified products, and it has became one of the most preferred brands in Turkey.

Our adventure, which first started as a kitchen furniture, continues today as a preferred company with its distinguished product collection, which has many sayings in café, restaurant and hotel decoration selections.We continue to work with gladness, satisfaction-oriented, attentive and loving work.

We will continue to work with all our stakeholders in the first day's excitement, motivation and competitive spirit to serve all customers who seek qualified and different products in national and international markets.